Website: The NGOs in Cyprus website is an outcome of the ‘Cypriot Civil Society Mapping and Capacity Building Project’ which is implemented by the NGO Support Centre in collaboration with the Management Center and CYINDEP. The website serves as a space that can be used by both NGOs and the general public to search and find information about the contact details and field of work of various NGOs based throughout the island. The aim is to have a comprehensive and user friendly directory of NGOs in Cyprus. Any NGO can register its details on the site by signing up and subsequently filling in the registration form that is available at the Registration section of the site.

The site also utilises a live calendar where NGOs can add their upcoming events and a news section with information about the latest activities of Cypriot Civil Society.


Project:.The Cypriot Civil Society Mapping and Capacity Building Project seeks to improve the capacities of Cypriot Civil Society Organisations, as part of the NGO Support Centre’s continued efforts for an empowered civil society. The project will implement a mapping exercise that will examine the capacities of around 100 Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot NGO and identify key areas in need of improvement. Subsequently, a series of capacity building workshops will be designed and delivered to NGOs. Simultaneously, a series of networking events will take place, aiming to foster knowledge exchange and future collaborations among NGOs that work in similar areas. Near the end of the project’s cycle, and in line with the efforts to change the legal framework for NGOs in Cyprus, a Code of Ethics for NGOs will be written for a more transparent and accountable third sector.

The Cypriot Civil Society Mapping and Capacity Building Project benefits from a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and the Republic of Cyprus.