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    Peace Centre - Cyprus
    Peace Centre

    5A John Clerides Street 1070 Nicosia CYPRUS
    22 495 780
    Costas Shammas

    Non-Profit Organisation, AND Educational Charity under article 9(1) of the Income Tax Law
    Cultural Development towards a Peace Culture
    Vision Our vision is a sustainable peaceful resolution of the Cyprus conflict, leading to a unified multicultural state where individual and group human rights are respected and nurtured. These rights should be nothing less than the fundamental rights and freedoms embodied in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and whatever new resolutions and declarations are adopted by the UN and its Agency Organisations. Mission Committed to working for the human development by the creation of a Social Learning Environment where the attributes of a Peace Culture are identified, analysed, adopted by the society and enshrined in legislation. Such a socio-political environment will help create the conditions for the resolution of the conflict in Cyprus and help manage any future social or political conflict that can normally be expected in conditions of a healthy democracy.
    Conflict Resolution workshops Community Facilitation Methodologies
    The Whole Population