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    Social Policy and Action Organization

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    NGO - Non-governmental, Non-profitable Organization
    Social Policy and Action Organisation
    The vision of the Organization is to actively contribute with its work towards the enhancement and enforcement of a solid, effective and justice social policy for all people in Cyprus, based on the following: • Promoting social policy innovations in Cyprus and abroad aiming at enhancing people’s quality of life; • Promoting the five principles of quality of life thus being Human Well Being, Health, Financial Independency, Family Status, Socialisation and Social Protection; • Working towards the elimination of any kind of discrimination and towards supporting and promoting of human rights.
    The activities of the Organisation are designed under two pillars: A. Development of social policy recommendations related to different social issues of common concern. B. Design and implementation of Actions, Projects and Programmes targeting specific social problems, aiming at combating or reducing negative societal challenges or consequences. The Organization’s activities include the following: 1. Design and implementation of academic research and surveys related to social policy related issues; 2. Registration and monitoring of social policy related legislations and directives adopted in Cyprus and European Union; 3. Conduct research studies to register methods, effective practices and actions implemented in other countries to combat various social problems; 4. Promotion of new policies, systems and practices proved to be contribute towards combating various social problems; 5. Design and implementation of projects contributing towards combating identified social problems, supporting vulnerable groups, promoting human rights, combating all kinds of discriminations in all levels of the society and promoting equal opportunities for all; 6. Provision of support, empowerment and enhancement of the quality of life of vulnerable groups through the implementation of innovative projects and actions; 7. Awareness raising, dissemination of information and organization of social campaigns regarding social policy issues; 8. Establishment of a network with organizations, government authorities and public companies on a national and international level, involved in social policy issues, aiming at exchange of knowledge, social policies and good practices;
    All vulnerable groups including Young People, including Children; Single-Parent Families; Disabled People; People suffering by chronic diseases; People facing any kind of discrimination; Elderly People
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