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    Symposium - Humanitarian Support and Health Services

    P.O. Box 60280, 8101 Paphos Cyprus
    +357 26 943075
    +357 26 943075
    Bernadette Dean

    Non profit company
    The organisation’s initial aim is to serve local humanitarian needs in Cyprus, serving a variety of disadvantaged local stakeholders in the agricultural, commercial, educational, environmental, industrial, health-care and hospitality arena. Our mission aims to deliver holistic and sustainable programmes, giving emergency relief in the present economic crisis, with a view to long-term empowerment and development within Cyprus and the Euro-Mediterranean region. We aim to serve a diversity of disadvantaged people: for example, children, the elderly, women, and the physically and mentally challenged, giving relief, rehabilitation and service provision as needed.
    Gender Equality and Empowerment Discrimination Youth Health Provision
    Women, minorities, young people, elder people etc.