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    Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum

    Christianas Christofidou 5, 2417 Engomi, Nicosia, CYPRUS
    +35797739192, +35799059820
    Dr. Chrystalleni Lazarou

    Virtual Museum
    Mission of the CFNM is the recording and preservation of the gastronomic culture of Cyprus as well as the study, dissemination and promotion of the traditional gastronomy in the island and abroad. The main objective of the CFNM is to touch at the subject of the traditional gastronomy through different perspectives and various scientific fields. Some other objectives of the CFNM are: -The promotion of research and study of the traditional forms of foodstuffs, nutrition and meals, utensils and tools, production, distribution and storage methods and production and distribution places. -Along with the conduction of bibliographical research, objective of the CFNM is to conduct field research such as oral interviews in the rural areas of Cyprus and to record real stories, recipes, cooking tips and in general mouth to mouth information that is related to the gastronomic culture of Cyprus. -The use of the results of bibliographical and field research for publications, educational activities and technological applications. -The creation of a thematic library devoted to the traditional gastronomy. -The participation in research programs in Europe and internationally. -The development of educational programs and activities for children in order for them to get familiar with the traditional cuisine and the principles of the Mediterranean as a healthy diet. -The organizing and coordination of conferences, workshops, lectures and exhibitions related to different aspects of the traditional gastronomy, addressed to the general public. -The collaboration with other institutions or organizations with similar interests in Cyprus and abroad. -The preservation of the knowledge, expertise and customs related to the traditional gastronomy for the future generations. -The promotion of the gastronomical tourism. -The promotion of local products and producers in Cyprus and abroad.
    The CFNM is activated in various fields. It contacts research regarding the gastronomic cultural of Cyprus, it organizes cultural activities, conferences and workshops in order to bring people closer to the gastronomy of Cyprus and also coordinates culinary and photo contests within the same subject. The CFNM also participates in European Programs in order to promote the traditional gastronomy of Cyprus abroad.