Online Help

Welcome to our new website ‘NGOs in Cyprus’ as part of our ‘Cypriot Civil Society Mapping & Capacity Building Project’ funded by the EEA Grants and the Republic of Cyprus. This website is an online tool where the general public and NGOs can find information on a plethora of subjects relevant to the Civil Society in Cyprus. It features an updated NGO Directory containing the contact details of NGOs, a live calendar where NGOs can add their upcoming events and a News section with the latest updates from Civil Society.

NGOs that register will receive an email to confirm their identity and then will be allowed to fill in the form with their contact details so they can be included in the directory (All NGOs section). Once you fill  in all the details, we will approve the form and it will then appear on the All NGOs section. Registered NGOs can also start adding their upcoming events on the Live Calendar and also send us texts with information to [email protected], about their current activities/events that we can add on the News section. 

Please be aware that before any event appears on the Live Calendar or an NGO appears on All NGOs, we need to verify it.

You will receive an email to verify your email address in order to be allowed to register in the directory so please check your email after registering.

If you need further help with the site, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].