NGO Support Centre 
The NGO Support Centre is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that was founded in 1999 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The vision of the Centre is to support the development of emerging civil society in Cyprus and internationally, and promote active citizenship. The NGO SC has a long background in partnering with CSOs in Cyprus and internationally. It is a member of the following networks: the Cypriot NGDO Platform, CYINDEP – Cyprus Islandwide NGO Development Platform, CIVICUS – World Alliance for Citizen Participation, EPLO – European Peacebuilding Liaison Office, and the Anna Lindh Foundation. 
The Centre has an extensive record in project management and has implemented a number of projects in the fields of active citizenship, peace and reconciliation, youth and education, and development education.


Management Centre
The Management Centre was originally established in 2001 by the Cyprus Turkish Association of Managers and it was later incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization in December 2003 and officially named as The Management Centre of the Mediterranean (MCM). The MCM was originally funded by the UNDP in Cyprus and UNDP continues to fund some of the projects.
The Vision of MCM is to a pioneering institution providing professional management and sustainable development services at international standards

Management Centre aims to achieve its vision and mission by implementing projects and activities through the following programmes and services:
•Civil Society and Reconciliation (CS&R)
•Institutional  and Professional Development (IPD)
•Institute of Communication and Languages (ICL)
•Managment Centre Research Unit (MANAR)



CYINDEP acts as an umbrella organization for Cyprus NGDOs, with around 25 member organisations. Each of these NGDOs is unique, meaning that as the unifying platform, CYINDEP is diverse and far-reaching.

CYINDEP’s aim is to support the work of these members and advocate nationally and internationally on their behalf. Through capacity building and networking, CYINDEP ensures good relations among these different NGOs, facilitating good cooperation between efficient organisations and fostering a strong, coherent network on the island. CYINDEP regularly delivers trainings on global development issues such as Global Education, keeping members informed and encouraging them to engage in international development projects. Through this work, CYINDEP realizes its vision of a Cypriot Civil Society as an empowered group of organisations, playing a significant active role in the development of a just and sustainable global society.